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Seating Plan Guide

Seating Plan Guide

Time to organise your seating plan and feeling a little daunted?   Don't worry, with my help page you'll have it done in no time.

Follow these simple tips and you will wonder why you were ever worried about it.


 Remember it is a fantastic reception decoration and as such should look as lovely as possible, I also recommend matching it with other reception decorations such as your wedding guest book, wedding post box, table numbers and place cards for a truly co-ordinated look.

It's pretty easy to match colours and decorations.

Some prefer to use names for their tables rather than numbers. This is a more personal approach for example you might want to use 'places you have visited together' as your table names.

Fancy fonts such as baroque or edwardian script look great but may sometimes be hard for some guests as they may have trouble reading and not everybody will have brought their glasses to your wedding!  The job of the seating plan is to make seating your guests easy.


The top table traditionally has the bride and groom in the middle and are seated either side by parents, best man and chief bridesmaid or maid of honour.

 for example

Bridesmaid ~ Grooms Father ~ Brides Mother ~ Groom ~ Bride ~ Brides Father ~ Grooms Mother ~ Best Man

 This is only the traditional arrangement but nothing is set in stone and its your day so if you have parents who are separated, or even with new partners then maybe this would not work for you. Alternatively if you already have children then you may want them to sit with you. It really is up to you to decide what will work, after all you do not want anybody to be uncomfortable for 2-3 hours during the wedding meal.  The top table is normally the easiest!

You need to think carefully when deciding where the rest of your guests are going to sit. In order for your reception to run smoothly you need to have a seating plan that works and that everybody will be happy with.

 Here are some tips for a perfect seating plan:

There will always be close relative and friends that can't sit at the top table so its nice to have them sat at tables close to you

Sit older guests who may be hard of hearing or have poor sight near the top table so that they don't miss the speeches, also sit older guests away from speakers if you have live entertainment or a DJ.

Sit couples together and small children with their parents. If possible sit small children near to the toilets as they will be up and down throughout the reception!

Sit families with small children round the edge to prevent disruption to other guests.

If there are a few teenagers they could have a table to themselves.

Families and work colleagues etc should be kept together although its ok to integrate others into the group (maybe your single friends if they know each other).

Make sure that everybody is sat with somebody they know.

Don't have a table entirely made up of single guests, they will feel labelled or think you are trying to match make.

The final decision is yours, but please consider your guests and seat them where you think they will be happiest, you don't want anybody to leave feeling that they didn't have a good day!

 Most important though is to give yourself plenty of time!   I am often asked to create a seating plan with less than two weeks to go until the wedding! Sometimes even less as the bride has been waiting for Rsvp's to come back.   It is essential that you prepare and organise early.   Don't wait for RSVP's, its far easier to change a couple of names than to start the whole thing at the last minute.   Start the planning as early as possible, book your slot with your stationer and find out their lead time and the date at which they need your details, remember they will have other customers too and can't always fit it in with just a few days to go before the wedding.

 Some people like to make their own plans as this allows them to make change right up until the last minute i can supply all my seating plans without guest names printed to allow you to write these in yourself at the last minute.   All are mounted onto mount board and come fully personalised in any colour of your choice.


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